Long Run Fishing Charters



You want shark? Jaws? We have tangled with Thresher, Mako, and Blue Sharks and we are equipped to do the dance so you can watch some spectacular aerial jumps of a 10 foot Mako or a massive tail thrash of a monster Thresher, so get buckled in and we'll take you to the shark grounds, how about the Mako Hotel? We'll check you in!

We are totally prepared to troll, jig, bait fish, and cast top water lures to surface busting tuna! Our journey offshore is complete with all the safety equipment and comforts to make your trip enjoyable. Seeing dolphins swim in our wake, surface feeding fin back whales, sea turtles and many types of seabirds diving in ink blue water, adds to the adventure and then its "Lines In" and "Time to Get Tight"!

Once the ocean temps off our New Jersey coast warm up and our Roffs edge/advantage charts show favorable water and catch reports, then it's offshore we go! Our target species in the various canyons we fish, range from Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Shark and Mahi-Mahi.


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Tuna is one of our favorite fish to target as we can catch them numerous ways and seeing an Allison (100+ Pound) Yellowfin tuna come over the rail is one of our prouder moments but don't let a 30-70 pounder fool you as they will keep you on the reel for an awesome fight which is well worth it when you sit down to a tuna steak or some toro sushi later that night.

Our clients call this Grocery Shopping and tasty Tuna sushi is always a crowd pleaser! We will troll many of the lures you see in our Rigging Station tab but we are also fishing top of the line rods, reels, lures, and lines from Industry Leading Manufacturers so please see our Sponsors page as you'll want to get the same products we use on our trip. We will have you throwing popping plugs to high flyers which are markers/floats that identify commercial fishing equipment as Mahi-Mahi love structure and its not uncommon to pull 1-20 fish off one marker before we move on to another. Add surface busting Tuna to the mix and hang on! We love to watch you sweat and battle!

Our off-shore pelagic season runs from June to October and we encourage you to book these trips in advance as this can truly turn into a trip of a lifetime and one to cross off your bucket list!